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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween Tutorial | Scary Doll

You are probably looking at the picture above thinking it took a lot of time and expensive products to turn myself from 'Miss Average' and into a very creepy looking doll... Wrong! This look is so easy to create and most of the products you need you probably already own which is a bonus! So, why not follow my simple 15 step guide on how to recreate this look which will be sure to turn heads!

All the products I used

Let's get started...

Step 1: Apply your normal foundation.

Step 2: Dolls have very prominent, bright blusher and so you want to recreate this by using a really bright pink blush. I don't own a really bright pink blush and so used the shade 'Redemption is Near' from the Makeup Revolution Day of the Dead Palette. Apply all over your cheeks, ensuring you apply a lot more than you normally would.

Step 3: Take a small brush, this one is from my Topshop Nail Tool Set.

Step 4: Dip the brush in water and swirl it around on the white shade of the Snazaroo until you get a thick amount on your brush. You may need to dip the brush in water and swirl it on the face paint a few times to achieve a smooth, thick consistency on your brush. Then outline a semi circle under each eye and fill in. Alternatively you could use a white eyeliner for example the NYX jumbo pencil in the shade milk.

Step 5: Once the face paint is dry, take the full set of lashes and apply glue, wait 30 seconds or so for the glue to go tacky and then apply at the edge of the semi circle.

Step 6: Apply mascara (any type) to your top lashes.

Step 7: Swill your brush off and then swirl it around on the black Snazaroo, again, ensuring the brush is covered evenly. Line your eye and then bring it down, outlining the semi circle, ensuring that the outline joins with both corners of the fake lashes to give a precise rounded look. Alternatively you could use a black liquid liner.

Step 8: Apply the corner lashes to your top lash line (these ones were pre glued) and then touch up with the black Snazaroo to make sure the outline is perfect.

Step 9: Apply another coat of mascara to your top lashes to ensure your natural lashes are blended with the false ones

Step 10: Swill off your brush thoroughly and then swirl it on the brown Snazaroo until your brush is covered evenly, using the tip of the brush, simply add as many freckles are you like. I dotted about ten on each cheek. Alternatively you could use a brown pencil.

Step 11: Again, using the brown Snazaroo, follow the natural shape of your eyebrow and fill in. I then added an almost triangle point and filled this in as I wanted really thick and angry looking eyebrows but you can shape them however you want. Alternatively you could use a brown pencil.

Step 12: Repeat step 11 for the other eyebrow.

Step 13: Apply foundation to your lips.

Step 14: Choose whatever colour lipstick you prefer, I chose the shade 115 from The Body Shop Colour Crush range. With your lips pursed, outline a heart shape on your top lip and then outline an upside down heart shape on your bottom lip. Fill them both in using the lipstick.

Step 15: The last step is to simply swirl your brush in the black Snazaroo and use it to carefully outline the lipstick or outline with a black liquid liner.


You can wear anything you like but I had this Leg Avenue Lemon Girl outfit laying around which I got in the sale ages ago and thought it was perfectly fitting for a doll! For a cheap alternative though I would suggest buying a nightdress from Primark, chuck on a pair of tights and some pumps!

I hope you enjoyed this step by step guide!

Are you going to follow these steps to recreate this look? If so I would love to see!! Tweet me the finished result @thelckydiamnd 


  1. I love this, such a great idea for people wanting to be something different for Halloween and you've made it so easy to follow as well.

    I have nominated you for the sisterhood of the world bloggers award, check my blog for details.

    Keep up the good work

    Kirsty X


    1. Oooo thank you gorgeous! Shall take a look later! Xx

  2. Your natural skin is so so nice! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you Abi! I often get complimented on my skin, I have to admit I do count myself lucky, I get one or two spots A YEAR lol! Xx