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Monday, 3 November 2014

Turning 23

On the 30th October I turned 23 and I just wanted to make this blog post not so I could show off what I had, but so I can have it here to look back on! I also wanted to write this post as a little insight into my personal life for anyone who is interested...

I started the day having seizures (if you are new readers, I have epilepsy) which was absolutely awful and I had to remain in bed pretty much all afternoon. I started to feel better on the night time and had an unusual cake... A pineapple covered in cream haha which was amazing!

I was really spoiled and got way too much, I opened a card from a certain someone and inside was £20 on top of presents I had from them and I wanted to give them the £20 back haha! Does anyone else feel bad when they get spoiled or is it just me? I had money, an amazon voucher, some beautiful cards, flowers, chocolates, jewellery, stationary, a few scratchcards that I haven't scratched yet and I am praying they are big winners (we can all dream right) and a few other bits.

Surprisingly I had no makeup (shock horror)! I asked for some L'Oreal products on the 3 for 2 offer in Boots and the person I asked to get them for me scoured high and low in two stores (bless him) for my shade of concealer but they didn't have any! Being a man, he didn't know what else I would of wanted in the 3 for 2 so left it and gave me the money to order online instead. Big thumbs up to him though, most men wouldn't even dare to venture into the makeup aisles!

Overall I had a good day (minus the seizures) and throughout this year, once again, I have become older (obviously), wiser and have learned a lot. It is surprising how much can happen in a year and how things can change sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the best. So, here's to what this year has in store...

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