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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

£2.99 Statement Necklace + Free Delivery!

OOS AS OF 7pm GMT 12/11/14

The second exciting email of the morning was from Forever 21 which gave me a free delivery code, no minimum order, so I slammed their website into the search bar as quickly as possible to begin my bargain hunt! I am not too keen on Forever 21 clothing as I find the sizes vary way too much but I do like the shoes and accessories. So, I had a browse around those two categories and came across loads of bargains but my hands literally froze when I found this baby...

I stared in disbelief for a few moments at the fact it was priced at only £2.99 reduced from £15.99 and as I gazed upon the images of the necklace I was literally falling in love. Just look at it! When I finally came back round to reality I added it to my bag ASAP, typed in the free delivery code which is NM0FST (enter this under the big yellow checkout button) and paid! I cannot believe this necklace was only £2.99!

Click here to grab yourself this amazing necklace now! It won't be around long at that price!

Let me know if you buy one!


  1. oooo you can't beat a good statement necklace never mind for this price. hehe. Love it.
    Good choice would look lovely for the festive period too. xox


  2. I'd been looking at this but hadn't ordered it because of delivery costs - so thank you for the code, I've just ordered myself one! What a bargain :)

    Katie || K NEL xx

  3. This is so nice and so cheap your blog is lovely i will be following you back:) x

  4. This is so cute! I can't believe it was only £2.99, what a bargain :)

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