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Monday, 3 November 2014

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas!

Just a quick post to give Halloween a final goodbye... I absolutely love Halloween and with this being my first year among the blogging community I was in my element every time I logged into Twitter to find new tutorials, blog posts and pretty much anything to do with Halloween!

I never have a come down from my Birthday (which is the day before) as Halloween to me is like a second birthday! Of course I had to carve not one but two pumpkins and I even had a pumpkin birthday 'cake'! I also loved doing Halloween themed Youtube videos and blog posts this year and loved sharing them with all of you!

So, I guess the next thing to look forward to is Christmas, I really can't believe it's come around again so soon! I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve and I am looking forward to writing some great posts to share with you all!

Hope you all had a good Halloween!

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  1. IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! hehe soooo excited

    Great post xox