Monday, 24 November 2014

Moany Mondays - ''If she wasn't a celebrity it'd be bullying'

My moan this Monday is about online bullying, particularly on Twitter, and I am discussing the most recent celebrity to fall victim of 'Mass Online Bullying', Gemma Collins.

An unbelievable tweet that left me lost for words

You've read the name Gemma Collins and are probably thinking 'Uh oh, not this again' but the amount of hate she has received in the past week has really rattled me. I logged into Twitter and she was trending as soon as she entered the jungle, before any commotion had even gone on, and I was absolutely disgusted by most of the tweets insulting her, mainly about her weight. I thought the UK was moving forward and had become more accepting of plus size women in general, but the amount of abuse Gemma was receiving made me contemplate if plus size will ever really be accepted.

Some spiteful jokes and images where they couldn't even spell her name correctly

I know a lot went on with Gemma, she had a panic attack and had to get out of the helicopter, she moaned and she cried, a lot, but what did her weight have to do with that? The tweets flooded in and Gemma Collins was trending for days, most of the Tweets either joking about her weight or completely slating her. Everybody reacts differently to situations, Gemma clearly didn't react well and it was all too much for her, resulting in her leaving. People were asking 'Why the hell did she go in the in the first place?' and I thought that was unfair, because until you are actually in a situation you don't know how you will react. It's like saying 'Why did you go on that ride if you now feel sick?' well, you didn't know the ride was going to make you feel sick until you tried it.

Just a handful of disgraceful tweets

News of Gemma leaving caused an uproar on social media, particularly Twitter, where people were directly sending tweets to Gemma slating her in every way imaginable. Again, mainly targeting her weight which had absolutely nothing to do with everything that had gone on in the jungle. There were endless, may I add, sickening jokes and people conversing with each other about 'how useless she was' and 'how fat she is'. I honestly felt so sad reading them and so I can't even begin to imagine what Gemma must've felt like when she scrolled through her feed.

One tweet inparticular caught my eye and it read 'Some of these Gemma Collins jokes are awful, if she wasn't a celebrity it'd be bullying', I froze for a second disbelief. Every single tweet aimed at Gemma was bullying and, for a moment, I couldn't believe what I was reading. The rules of bullying don't change for celebrities, it was bullying, word for word, clear as day.

Thankfully there were some people who also shared my point of view, although these Tweets were extremely scarce amongst the litter of abuse

What Gemma experienced was what I would call 'Mass Online Bullying', it was out of control and unstoppable. I always say if you wouldn't say something in real life, don't say it online. The online bullies think they are safe behind their phone, laptop etc and use it as a shield but a shield won't protect them forever. If they saw a plus size person in the street they wouldn't say anything so just because they're behind a screen doesn't give them the right to bully someone. Anyone that sent an offensive tweet to Gemma is a cowardly bully and I can guarantee if they had seen her in real life they would of most probably said... Nothing.

Unfortunately this isn't the first case of online bullying and sadly it won't be the last. In Gemma's case, she wasn't rude, she wasn't nasty but she is plus size and that seemed to be the reason people went so hard on her. To top it off the Daily Star posted this image of her leaving Australia saying she looks 'Gloomy', how did they expect her to look after reading all of the abuse, like a cheshire cat?


Friday, 21 November 2014

'Brand Based Stocking' Idea - The Body Shop + 40% off Code!

To put a spin on the traditional stocking, this year, why not put together a 'Brand Based Stocking'! Now, the concept is, instead of filling a stocking with novelty bits you fill it with items from one brand in particular that you know the recipient loves! I have a nice little discount code to share with you today which gives you 40% off most items at The Body Shop just enter 14317 at the checkout (click here for full list of excluded items), so it's the perfect chance to jam pack a stocking full of The Body Shop goodies for someone who loves the brand for just over £20!

All items along with discounted prices

There are quite a few products in the 'Gifts' section to choose from and I chose 9 that appealed to me the most and ones that I would love to receive myself. Below I have listed all of the items with direct links to make it nice and easy for you (if you want to browse the full range of 'Stocking Fillers' click here).

1. Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm
2. Frosted Cranberry Soap
3Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel
4. Vanilla Brulee Soap
5The Utterly Unique Mirror
6. Frosted Cranberry Home Fragrance Oil
7. Bath Lily Red
8The Utterly Unique Nail File
9. Frosted Cranberry Hand Cream

Altogether, when using the discount code and including delivery, the order comes to just £20.69 which I think is absolutely fantastic! I have spent a lot more than that some years just filling a stocking with junk and little novelty bits that never get used! As fun as it is receiving novelty bits it can all add up and if you want to give a more thoughtful stocking (lads, take note) or even present a stocking to someone as a main gift, I think this is such a quirky idea that won't leave you out of pocket! If your Mum, Sister etc loves The Body Shop products I think they will be more than overwhelmed with a whole stocking full of goodies from a brand they love!

Need a stocking? Click here to grab this personalized one for only £3.48 delivered!

One last thing, don't forget the chocolate coins and an orange in the bottom of the stocking! We don't want to break that tradition!

Do you think this is a good idea? Will you be buying any of the products listed or creating a 'Brand Based Stocking' this year?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review - MAC Eyeshadow - Brule

In contrast from my disappointing MAC lipstick review (if you haven't read it click here), I have an extremely positive post today on a MAC eyeshadow. I won this along with the lipstick and thought they each deserved their own separate posts seeing as I had such different opinions on each product. After hearing only positive things about MAC eyeshadows, I was excited to try one out and was certainly not disappointed...

After I won the competition the wonderful Emma (who has a fab blog that you can check out here) gave me the choice to choose what eyeshadow shade I wanted. Seeing as I don't really own any really neutral skin tone eyeshadows I thought I would go for Brule. I also chose such a neutral shade because I had heard nothing but great things about these eyeshadows I wanted to be able to use it on a daily basis as my base eyeshadow.

The first thing I noticed about this eyeshadow is how perfectly it is pressed into the pan, with an almost waffle like texture that I didn't ever want to ruin. After admiring it for an hour or so (and getting some pictures) I swiped my finger over the pan and was pleasantly surprised when there was not a speck of fall out. The texture of the shadow being silky and well pigmented.

I have no foundation on in this picture

For me this shade almost matches my foundation, which although you may think is pointless, I absolutely love! I can dab this on my eyes after applying foundation and it really brightens them and another plus is there is zero fallout even when applying. It is also fantastic for using as a base before applying other shadows and it blends like a dream.

The only downfall with this shadow is the packaging, for a high end product it could certainly be more sturdy and attractive. Like the lipstick, it doesn't have that satisfying click when shut and for me that's a must.

Overall, I love this eyeshadow and will get loads of use out of it due to the neutral and workable shade. I love the texture and it applies like a dream. The pigmentation is fab but my staple eyeshadows (the body shop colour crush range) do certainly rival this and for half of the price they are a better deal to me. Will I purchase more MAC shadows... No, probably not, but will I use Brule until I hit the bottom of the pan... Of course!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Moany Mondays - 'Hungry Followers'

I hate going to bed on a Sunday night with the doom of Monday only hours away, when my alarm goes off at 8am on Monday I would literally rather sink into the ground than get up. So, what better day to post 'Moany Mondays' than on a day everyone seems to be moaning about everything from the stench of their boyfriends breath to the heel of their shoe breaking on the way to work. This week I am moaning about 'Hungry Followers' who are out to get as many followers as possible...

Right, for the past week or so this 'following' lark has really opened my eyes to what I see as a huge flaw in the wonderful blogging community. Now, I am sure pretty much everyone has experienced this step by step format I have gone through about 20 times this week:

1. I Open Bloglovin' or Twitter and see I have a new follower
2. A cheesy smile spreads upon my face because I have a new follower (surely I'm not the only one who does that?)
3. I then check out their Bloglovin' and IF I like their Blog (and it's something I will read) I hit that follow back button
4. If it's Twitter, I generally follow back if they are Beauty or Fashion related or just look like a nice person
5. So, they were nice enough to spend time checking me out, I was polite enough to do the same and followed them IF I was interested and then the next thing I realize THEY HAVE UNFOLLOWED ME
6. I then click the 'Unfollow' button as fast as I can with an angry face

The last step does sound childish but I just can't follow someone who is hungry for followers. To me that is just not how it works, it's rude and very disheartening to someone who has put a lot of work into their blog. I am not going to lie and say followers don't mean anything to me because they do, it's fab knowing people want to read what I write, but on the other hand I am not hungry for them. I only want people to follow me if they are generally interested in what I write, whereas 'Hungry Followers' just want a hugely unbalanced followers and following count which isn't something to boast about. Once I realize someone is a 'Hungry Follower' I unfollow right away, as I am sure most people do, so where does that get the 'Hungry Follower'? I tell you where, right back to their original follower count and plastered with a bad name.

Now, if you haven't experienced those 6 steps, not even once, please tell me what you are doing because I need to know!

 If, like me, you are experiencing this on a regular basis or just have any thoughts or views on this Monday moan of mine please share your comments down below!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Boohoo Christmas Jumper only £4 Delivered!

I have got one hell of a Sunday steal for you today... A wonderfully cheesy Christmas jumper! Now, I am not one of those people that go crazy and get really excited for Christmas but I always have to get a Christmas jumper! For anyone on a budget or just loves bargains (like me) now is your time to nab this one from Boohoo for only £4 (reduced from £18) delivered to your door! They have sizes S/M (which I would say fits sizes 6-12) and M/L (which I would say fits sizes 12-16) in stock (as of 16/11/14 - 09.35am) so what are you waiting for click HERE to nab one for yourself!

As mentioned in the picture the free delivery code is GOODY, make sure you enter in caps in the promotion code box and this splendid jumper will be on its way to you!

Damn, I love finding bargains like this!

Did you order one?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

£2.99 Statement Necklace + Free Delivery!

OOS AS OF 7pm GMT 12/11/14

The second exciting email of the morning was from Forever 21 which gave me a free delivery code, no minimum order, so I slammed their website into the search bar as quickly as possible to begin my bargain hunt! I am not too keen on Forever 21 clothing as I find the sizes vary way too much but I do like the shoes and accessories. So, I had a browse around those two categories and came across loads of bargains but my hands literally froze when I found this baby...

I stared in disbelief for a few moments at the fact it was priced at only £2.99 reduced from £15.99 and as I gazed upon the images of the necklace I was literally falling in love. Just look at it! When I finally came back round to reality I added it to my bag ASAP, typed in the free delivery code which is NM0FST (enter this under the big yellow checkout button) and paid! I cannot believe this necklace was only £2.99!

Click here to grab yourself this amazing necklace now! It won't be around long at that price!

Let me know if you buy one!

Pre Order The Girl Online for Only £5!

Being the bargain hunter I am when scanning my inbox this morning the first email that caught my eye was from Vouchercode. The email hosted a list of fab deals (as always) but the one product that caught my eye was Zoella's upcoming release for only £5...

Although it's under the catergories 'Childrens Books' and 'Young Adults', and I fit neither of those categories, I still thought it would definitely be worth a read as you can never be too old for a bit of fiction! I certainly wouldn't of paid the RRP price of £12.99 but for £5 I thought I would grab a copy (it's a hardcover too)! 

There is also a Kindle edition for only £4.75 for those of you who prefer digital reading!

Grab either edition here

Are you going to purchase The Girl Online?

Monday, 10 November 2014

My First Ever Mac Product

Until a couple of weeks back, that's right, I was a Beauty Blogger who had never tried MAC. To be honest MAC never really appealed to me, mainly because of the price but also because I have just never really felt the need to branch out to high end brands. I would still be a MAC virgin if it wasn't for me being lucky enough to win a MAC lipstick and eyeshadow from the gorgeous Emma who has a wonderful blog that you can check out here. So, now I have popped my MAC cherry it's time to tell you what I think, starting with the lipstick...

Emma gave me the option to choose which shade I wanted and let me tell you, it was a hard choice! I nearly went for a berry shade but wanted something I could wear daily as I had heard so many good things about MAC lipsticks. I eventually chose the shade Syrup which is a Lustre finish and thought it looked like the perfect pink shade. As you can see by the picture, for me this lipstick really is a true 'my lips but better' shade and you can barely see where the lipstick ends and my lips begin! It also smells AMAZING, I could literally inhale this lipstick all day long. I also really like the fact there is a shimmer throughout the lipstick but that is where the good points end unfortunately...

My first disappointment with this lipstick is that, for a rather expensive lipstick, the packaging is poor. The lid doesn't have that wonderful 'click' I was expecting and it is actually horribly loose. Secondly, the pigmentation isn't great at all, I know this is a Lustre finish and supposed to be sheer but even so, I felt this gave barely any noticeable colour unless I applied three or more coats. Thirdly, the texture couldn't get any worse, you know when you put a lipstick on and you can feel it almost sliding between your lips, ergh, this does exactly that which is such a shame and results in half of it coming off in no time! Also, after about half an hours wear I noticed what was left of it was really sinking into the lines in my lips which is another pet hate of mine.

I have applied this lipstick a few times to get an overall feel for it and as much as I want to love it, I just can't. I am so disappointed because the shade is literally perfect for my lips and it smells gorgeous but unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. For 15 I really think this product is so mediocre, personally I wouldn't call it a lipstick but a lip balm because of the pigmentation and texture. I own lipsticks that are a fraction of the price and exceed this one by miles, it really proves more expensive products aren't always better.

Even though I didn't like this lipstick I want to say thank you to Emma and a big sorry that I didn't like the lipstick!

Have you ever used a disappointing MAC product?

Hit that Bloglovin' button so you don't miss my post about the MAC eyeshadow!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Liebster Award

These things are not normally my kind of thing, I cannot stand Youtube videos of even my most favourite Youtubers rambling on and answering a load of questions but, surprisingly, when written in a blog post I love this type of thing! So, when Jill from Makeupandstuff kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award I was obviously more than happy to take up the opportunity and give you some honest answers to the questions she has set, so, here goes...

The Rules of the Liebster Award:

Provide 11 Facts About Yourself

1. I have had epilepsy ever since I was 16 and I am currently fighting an ongoing battle with seizures despite being on medication.

2. I have naturally straight hair which I must admit I love, I don't need no GHDs!

3. I got a poem published in a book whilst I was in junior school, the poem is about my guinea pig who died...

4. I have been engaged twice, the second time I was engaged the stone fell out of my ring, shortly after we split up. It was clearly a sign our relationship was falling apart haha!

5. I hate chicken soup with a passion, if I even see a can of it I will feel sick to my stomach and if I smell it, well, get me a bucket ASAP!

6. I never use a brush to apply foundation, I hate it, I always use my little finger (is that odd?).

7. I have an insane love for sugar skulls

8. I used to collect thongs, I would go into town, be attracted to pretty underwear like a bird is to shiny things and I would then spend loads of money to take them back home and leave them in my underwear drawer unworn.

9. I am very stubborn which can be seen as a flaw but I also see it as a quality for many reasons.

10. I absolutely love the countryside and would choose to get covered in mud than dine at a fancy restaurant any day, oooh arrrr!

Answer the 11 Questions Set by the Blogger that Nominated You

Why Did You Start Blogging?

I started off making Youtube videos 7 months ago and still make them weekly, don't get me wrong I love making videos but I wanted to do something where I could write! I have always loved writing ever since a young age and I had dabbled with Blogger on and off before making this blog but had never properly knuckled down to it. Then one day I just thought to myself, you love writing and you need a hobby you will stick to and, well, here I am!

What is One Piece of Advice You Would Give Your Younger Self?

Take every single opportunity given to you

What's Your Favourite TV Show?

Currently it's Downtown Abbey, the last one is this Sunday, then what will I watch? Gah!

What's the Best Holiday You've Ever Been on?

It has to be to Costa Brava which is in Spain. It was just me and my Dad and we had a fab time from going on boat trips to having amazing dinners! 

If you Could Live Anywhere in the World Where Would it be?

Honestly, I am not sure, a few places that interest me and would love to visit are Las Vegas, Prague and Australia but I don't think I would want to live there. I think I would choose Devon or Bristol as my heart still lives there!

What's the Most Expensive Beauty Product you have Ever Bought?

I am not one for high end makeup at all, I think the most expensive has to be Benefits The Real Steal which includes the They're Real Mascara and Push Up Liner. I paid about 17 I think and I hated the mascara and liner so got a refund. No idea what all the hype is about over that mascara, all it did was clump my lashes!

When was your Proudest Moment?

Oooo this is a tricky one, I can't possibly limit it down to just one but the first is when I held my little sister in the hospital for the first time, I was 8 and it was just absolutely amazing. Another time was when a piece of artwork I entered into a competition won 1st prize out of the whole of the South West and it then went on to win 2nd prize out of the whole of the UK. Also, every time I have been for an interview and then got offered the job I have just felt on top of the world!

What's your Favourite thing about Blogging?

I love the writing aspect obviously but it has to be the photography. I have always had a passion for photography but since I have started blogging my love for it has gone to a whole new level. Give me a camera and some products to picture and I will be in my element taking pictures all day!

What do you like to do as a Treat for Yourself?

I would probably say doing a bit of online shopping and not going wild but picking up a few nice little bargains!

What would the TV Show or Movie of Your Life be Called?

Hmmm, tricky one, I don't think I could cram my life into a movie so think it would have to be a TV series. I think it would have to be called either Misunderstood, You'll Never Understand or Delusional.

If you were a Superhero, what Super Power would you have and What would your Name be?

My superpower would be curing anyone who is ill back to full health and I, of course, would be called TheLuckyDiamond! 

My questions for you

If you could choose money, happiness or love what would you choose and why?

What is your Favourite Makeup Brand?

Have you ever lost the Motivation to Blog?

What is your Favourite Food?

What is one Makeup Product everyone 'hypes' about but you hate?

Is your hair colour natural or dyed?

Do you like tattoos and/or do you have any?

Do you have a schedule for your Blog or just post when and if you want?

Marmite, love it or hate it?

If you could be someone for the day who would it be?

Girl crush?


If you decide to take part then make sure to tweet me (@thelckydiamnd) the link to the post or leave in it the comments! Can't wait to see all your answers and hope you have enjoyed reading mine!

Many thanks again to Jill for tagging me!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Baby You're a Firework

These pictures are originals and unedited (I can' quite believe it myself!)

I wanted to come up with something bright and eye catching for Guy Fawkes and what better opportunity to put my Makeup Revolution Day of the Dead Palette to good use as it has some extremely vibrant colours! You can recreate this look by following the steps below, all you will need is three vibrant eye shadows (I know you have some lurking at the bottom of our makeup box), concealer or primer, an eye shadow brush, kohl pencil, liquid liner and mascara!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas!

Just a quick post to give Halloween a final goodbye... I absolutely love Halloween and with this being my first year among the blogging community I was in my element every time I logged into Twitter to find new tutorials, blog posts and pretty much anything to do with Halloween!

Up to 30% off Beauty @ Asos - 24 Hours ONLY

I am going post crazy today, but you can't complain because guess what, I have another bargain alert for you! I was just browsing my emails and noticed one from Asos which says they have up to 30% off beauty for 24 hours only so that had me hop, skipping and jumping (or should I say clicking) my way to their beauty section and, once again, pages worth of bargains are in front of my eyes!

Turning 23

On the 30th October I turned 23 and I just wanted to make this blog post not so I could show off what I had, but so I can have it here to look back on! I also wanted to write this post as a little insight into my personal life for anyone who is interested...

I started the day having seizures (if you are new readers, I have epilepsy) which was absolutely awful and I had to remain in bed pretty much all afternoon. I started to feel better on the night time and had an unusual cake... A pineapple covered in cream haha which was amazing!

I was really spoiled and got way too much, I opened a card from a certain someone and inside was £20 on top of presents I had from them and I wanted to give them the £20 back haha! Does anyone else feel bad when they get spoiled or is it just me? I had money, an amazon voucher, some beautiful cards, flowers, chocolates, jewellery, stationary, a few scratchcards that I haven't scratched yet and I am praying they are big winners (we can all dream right) and a few other bits.

Surprisingly I had no makeup (shock horror)! I asked for some L'Oreal products on the 3 for 2 offer in Boots and the person I asked to get them for me scoured high and low in two stores (bless him) for my shade of concealer but they didn't have any! Being a man, he didn't know what else I would of wanted in the 3 for 2 so left it and gave me the money to order online instead. Big thumbs up to him though, most men wouldn't even dare to venture into the makeup aisles!

Overall I had a good day (minus the seizures) and throughout this year, once again, I have become older (obviously), wiser and have learned a lot. It is surprising how much can happen in a year and how things can change sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the best. So, here's to what this year has in store...