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Friday, 21 November 2014

'Brand Based Stocking' Idea - The Body Shop + 40% off Code!

To put a spin on the traditional stocking, this year, why not put together a 'Brand Based Stocking'! Now, the concept is, instead of filling a stocking with novelty bits you fill it with items from one brand in particular that you know the recipient loves! I have a nice little discount code to share with you today which gives you 40% off most items at The Body Shop just enter 14317 at the checkout (click here for full list of excluded items), so it's the perfect chance to jam pack a stocking full of The Body Shop goodies for someone who loves the brand for just over £20!

All items along with discounted prices

There are quite a few products in the 'Gifts' section to choose from and I chose 9 that appealed to me the most and ones that I would love to receive myself. Below I have listed all of the items with direct links to make it nice and easy for you (if you want to browse the full range of 'Stocking Fillers' click here).

1. Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm
2. Frosted Cranberry Soap
3Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel
4. Vanilla Brulee Soap
5The Utterly Unique Mirror
6. Frosted Cranberry Home Fragrance Oil
7. Bath Lily Red
8The Utterly Unique Nail File
9. Frosted Cranberry Hand Cream

Altogether, when using the discount code and including delivery, the order comes to just £20.69 which I think is absolutely fantastic! I have spent a lot more than that some years just filling a stocking with junk and little novelty bits that never get used! As fun as it is receiving novelty bits it can all add up and if you want to give a more thoughtful stocking (lads, take note) or even present a stocking to someone as a main gift, I think this is such a quirky idea that won't leave you out of pocket! If your Mum, Sister etc loves The Body Shop products I think they will be more than overwhelmed with a whole stocking full of goodies from a brand they love!

Need a stocking? Click here to grab this personalized one for only £3.48 delivered!

One last thing, don't forget the chocolate coins and an orange in the bottom of the stocking! We don't want to break that tradition!

Do you think this is a good idea? Will you be buying any of the products listed or creating a 'Brand Based Stocking' this year?


  1. Good one hun, what other brands are you going to do?
    I just did a £1 line stocking filler post , every year I do my sister a little lucky bag full of make up ,sweets,toiletries and allsorts. xox


  2. i love the body shop so this is a great round up post!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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