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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Asos Premier | Hot OR Not

When Asos started charging delivery for orders under £15 not so long ago I was a little stumped to say the least! Most of the things I order are under £10 so to then have to add a delivery charge on top it then didn't seem much of a bargain. So, I was tempted by the £9.95 a year Asos Premier which offers next day delivery and some other benefits. I thought 'Should I' or 'Shouldn't I' for a while then decided to go for it, so, the question is, is it worth it?

(I need this tartan dress in my life!)

How does it work?

There is normally a link under the main page links which says 'Asos Premier only £9.95' which you can click on but if you can't see it then simply type 'Asos Premier' in the search box and it will bring up everything you need to know. Once you have read through and if you have decided to purchase, you simply click 'Add to bag' then checkout and pay as if it were an order. You get a couple of confirmation emails and then there you have it, you can now use Asos Premier!

(The beading on this dress is to die for!)

Is it Good Value for Money?

Asos Premier is £9.95 for the whole year and you can choose next day delivery or nominated day delivery for an unlimited amount of orders and there is no minimum order value (you can also choose standard delivery, but why would you want to?). Considering it costs £5.95 for next day delivery (if you don't have Asos Premier) per order, even if you order (choosing next day delivery) from Asos just twice a year you are already making a saving! For me, personally, it is fantastic value as I make around about 12-25 orders a year which are generally under £10 so if I didn't have Asos Premier it would cost me a whopping £36-75 a year in delivery charges!

(Must try the show girl mascara, have you tried it? Comment below!)

Is the Delivery Reliable?

Yes! DPD courier company delivers my parcels and they are always on time, you can even track the driver online and it gives you an estimated time of delivery.

What are the added bonuses?

- Free returns collection (Very reliable and saves you time)
- Early access to sales (No more seeing OOS)
- Ten issues of Asos magazine a year (They are filled with beautiful images, great tips, and most issues even come with a freebie)

(I am loving the unique twists on the classic pony tail!)

So, is it Hot or Not?

I would 100% say Asos Premier is... you guessed it, HOT! If you generally order amounts under £15 from Asos then Asos Premier will certainly be beneficial to you and save you a lot of money! With all the added bonuses this is certainly one of the best subscriptions I have purchased and I have already decided I will be repurchasing again next year!

Fancy purchasing Asos Premier then click here!

What are your views on Asos Premier? I would love to hear them, comment below!


  1. Interesting post, I considered Asos Premier myself x

    1. I think it's an ansolute bargain if you order from Asos regularly! Thank you for commenting, will take a look at yours x