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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Dry Skin Solution

A while back, whilst going through a faze of horribly dry skin, I was desperately searching for a product that would actually clear it up altogether, forever. I had tried numerous products and found they temporarily cleared my skin but the next day the dry, flaky and itchy patches would unfortunately be back. I hadn't tried any skin care products from The Body Shop before (surprisingly) and so thought I would give the aloe soothing day and night creams a try and I have never looked back...

The £4 price tag for each 15ml pot put me off at first as I didn't want to waste yet more money on a product that may have proved as usueless as the others. So, when an offer came on (40% off) I thought why not and ordered them.

Upon excitedly opening my parcel I was almost surprised at how small they were and thought 'these won't even last a couple of weeks!' but I was wrong. You only need the tiniest amount of product and, although not fluent, it rubs into the skin extremely sparingly which is fantastic. The smell is almost non existent apart from the most mildest hint of aloe. Perfect for me as I hate perfumed face creams.

Now, although the cream almost instantly soothed my dry skin upon applying, for the first week I did have reoccurring dry patches a few hours after applying *sigh*. I was disappointed but decided to persevere with applying them for another week. Thank god I did! 

After two weeks I began to notice as it got to the end of the day my skin was still looking healthy and no dry patches were reappearing. It was like a miracle. I applied the day cream when I woke up and the night cream before I slept. I believe the night cream helped more than the day cream as whilst sleeping it obviously had time to really sink in and nourish my skin.

(Left - Day Cream | Right - Night Cream)

I carried on applying for another week or so and my skin was now smooth and almost dewy! I decided to stop using the cream after about three weeks of ritually applying it to see what would happen...

Days, weeks and months passed and guess what, my skin was still as smooth as it had been whilst applying the cream!!!!

For me, the aloe soothing creams are something of a miracle and the fact they are only £4 each and actually solve the problem is almost unbelievable. To this day I still have wonderful skin that isn't dry in the slightest and it's been over a year since I applied any product!

(No makeup and not a patch of dry skin in sight!)

I 100% recommend these products and as long as you persevere with applying them and apply them daily you should have noticeable results. I would also recommend buying both the day and night cream as I feel just using one or the other wouldn't be quite enough to really give your skin a constant source of product to absorb and nourish.

Have you tried the aloe soothing creams? What's your 'go to' facial cream? Let me know!

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