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Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween Overload

As some of you may or may not know I also have a Youtube channel where I mainly upload videos on body confidence, life problems etc but as soon as it hit October I instantly thought 'I need to do Halloween posts!' as I absolutely love Halloween! Now, I have gone through this month creating looks, filming tutorials whenever I have had the chance and you know when you think to yourself 'Oh, it's fine, plenty of time to edit', well I said that to myself way too many times and now I have a whole load of stuff to edit within a week!
Can you guess what the two looks are?

This is just a quick post to let you know there will be another tutorial uploaded to my Youtube Channel this Sunday (almost solely using the Makeup Revolution Day of the Dead Palette) and also a step by step blog post tutorial on an effective yet simple Halloween Look for those of you who prefer to read tutorials than watch.

My benefit parcel arrived yesterday and instead of leaving it until I have all this sorted, there I was this morning taking 100 unnecessary pictures of it in different lighting, angles etc when in fact the first ten pictures were fine. I then thought to myself, 'what the hell are you doing, you haven't even got started on the Halloween stuff'...

I'm a girl who has an insane love for makeup and photography but not editing, what can I say!

For now take a look at my 'Back to Basics Heartbroken Dancer Tutorial'!

Gotta dash, netflix editing is calling me!

Who else is having a Halloween Overload?

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