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Friday, 17 October 2014

Free Benefit Fakeup Mini Deluxe - Online Glitches/Errors

I was just having a browse on the Benefit website yesterday in awe of everything I would love to try but can't afford and as I scrolled past the 'Fakeup Deluxe Mini' I had to do a double take...

I thought to myself 'Huh, a Fakeup Deluxe Mini for free, that can't be right' and so clicked on it assuming the price would change when actually viewing the item but then I was greeted with this...

By this time all that was going through my mind was 'Quick, quick, quick add to the bag nooowwwwww!'. Being a bargain hunter I have seen this happen before, many times, it's often a glitch in the website or someone has made an error. IF you are quick enough you can really nab yourself some bargains at the mistake of someone else (or the internet) but they will soon notice the website traffic soar and wonder why, so you have to be lightning quick.

I clicked the shade 'Light' and clicked add to bag, straight in it went, lovely... I clicked check out and again expected the price to of changed but, nope, it was still showing as free! At the checkout I had the option of choosing two free samples from three available which again was another bonus! I had to pay for delivery which was 4 but seeing as I was getting the Fakeup Mini for free and two free samples that worked out as a good bargain to me!

I then entered my details before moving onto the confirmation page where, again, through experience of glitches/errors like this, I expected it to now show full price. Wrong. It was still free and I was smiling like a cheshire cat!

I ticked that my billing details were the same as the address I wanted it delivered to at the confirmation order page and 'taa daaaaa' the order was complete. Now it was time to play the waiting game...

I received a confirmation email which was a good sign but Benefit still had the right to cancel the order if they had noticed this glitch/error. I was awaiting a dispatch confirmation email which means they have sent the order therefore I would have a Fakeup Mini and two samples delivered to my door for just 4...

All of this happened within around about 5 minutes and as soon as I had completed my order I went back to see if they were still in stock but unfortunately, already, in every shade they were completely OOS. I was disappointed as I wanted to whiz up a quick blog post so you could of grabbed yourself one too but like with most glitches, you just had to be at the right place right time! As of this morning the price is still 0 but they are still OOS, I will keep checking the site and let you know if they come back in stock! If you want to keep tabs on it yourself, click here.

This morning the first thing I done was check my emails and low and behold I almost jumped with joy when I seen this and I did infact do the 'kerching' move (is that a bit sad?)!!!! I am not sure how much the Fakeup Mini retails for, if you know, comment below but I am sure it must be more than 4! I absolutely love it when a glitch/error is successful and the fact I have got something for free just gives me a buzz!

I shall keep you posted regarding this, follow me on Twitter here as that will be the first place I post if they come back in stock!

Apologies (I do actually feel bad) that I couldn't get this offer to you quick enough this time but I wanted to write this post to inform you that things like this do happen so keep your eyes peeled when browsing online (who can remember that amazing body shop glitch last year?).

Now all I have to do is sit tight and wait for it to arrive (and of course I shall be bringing you a blog post when it does)!

Were you one of the lucky ones that managed to nab a free Fakeup Mini?


  1. Wow this is amazing! Gutted I missed out on this glitch lol!
    Well done you for being quick off the mark and bagging yourself one!

    Emily x // EmGrace

    1. I couldn't believe it haha! Glad you enjoyed this post! Xx

  2. I love glitches like this, Hot UK Deals is pretty good for finding things :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. ahh gutted i missed out on this been super busy not been able to catch any of the bargains for ages!

    Jayne x