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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Top 10 Body Shop Sale Steals


I composed this post as soon as I seen an email from The Body Shop (14/10/14) saying that their sale had started because I wanted you to grab a bargain and not miss out! I have now updated this post regarding stock as I knew some of the items in the picture above would now be OOS. Luckily, more than half are still available but don't hang around as they won't be there forever!

Updated stock as of 15/10/14:

Coconut Shower and Moisture Set which is perfect for a Christmas gift or even a little treat for yourself
Chocomania Eau De Toilette is a strong but wonderful aroma of rich chocolate yet not too sickly
Chocomania Body Butter is wonderfully rich and moisturising
Hair Chalk I have a tutorial video on this here
Maca Root Face Wash is a best seller and would make a great stocking filler

The other 4 items are now OOS which isn't surprising as who could resist the items at those prices!?

Luckily my highlighted product is still available...

The Chocomania Beautifying Oil!

I have been wanting to try this for agggges and I am finally going to nab one seeing as it's such a steal at £4.50! You can use it on your face, body and hair and I particularly want to see what effect it has on my hair as there's been so much hype over beauty oils recently! If you want to try it too, click here.

There is also currently 30% off core products at The Body Shop and also an extra 10% off if you own a love your body card.

Let me know if you order anything or manage to grab some bargains in store!


  1. Thank you so much for this post!! Hope it's in store too!

    TR's Thoughts

    1. Yes it's in store too! Glad you enjoyed the post! Xx

  2. The hair chalk looks soo cool! Thank you for linking me to this post on twitter :) The other products look pretty good too, might have to go to my local Body Shop :D x x

    1. That's ok, glad you liked the post! Will take a look at your blog now x

  3. I have so many body shop sets i love using them! :D