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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Body Shop - Colour Crush Lipsticks

Don't I have a treat for you today... Three beautiful colour crush lipsticks from The Body Shop that I actually won in a competition last year and hadn't even got round to trying until the other day (I know, how could I forget these beauties)! I won't keep you waiting anymore, let's get into it!

Starting with my first thoughts on this product, as I mentioned, I won these in a competition which was amazing but even if I had seen these in store before I won them I would of certainly been drawn to them. They are bright, colour co ordinated which I love (brown lid for brown shades, red lid for red shades etc) and the base is silver (and we all know how much I love silver anything). So, on first impressions, for this lipstick collection, I would score a 8/10... Impressive!

205 Passionate Pink - I would call this shade a Barbie pink, it hasn't quite got that full on Barbie wow factor but it's certainly almost there! Obviously as I won these lipsticks I couldn't pick the shades and to be honest none are what I would normally choose but after trying these bright shades they have certainly grown on me! As for the quality I would say it is incredibly rich, creamy, glides on like a dream and is full of moisture! It leaves a very shiny almost gloss like affect and is extremely pigmented!

115 Enruptured Red - Is most certainly a true, deep and rich red shade. It is my favourite out of all three and is the most pigmented. Again, the quality is fantastic but the one downside is you do need to use a lip liner as it tends to start seeping into the skin after an hour or so. It's one of those head turning reds, especially paired with a nude smokey eye, and I shall definitely be purchasing a lip liner to match so I can wear it more!

340 Berry Me - This plum shade is my least favourite out if all three, as lovely as the colour is it just doesn't really suit me at all! This one will be staying in my make up box unless I want to try and rock a 'grunge' look which, btw, is in again for this AW but with a 90's pizzazz *does a little dance*! Another down point to this lipstick is I found the pigmentation to not be on par with the others. I found I had to apply two coats of this for an even coverage whereas when using the other two I only needed one. Despite the pigmentation, it still looked glossy and again felt full of moisture.

As I just mentioned, you can see from the swatches that 340 is not anywhere near as pigmented as the other two!

You can see from these images that 115 is beginning to seep into the skin around my lips here (cringe) and this was only after an hours wear so I hate to think what it would look like after a few hours wear (extreme cringe)! MUST BUY MATCHING LIP LINER added to my mental notes!

I would definitely recommend these colour crush lipsticks but I would definitely say go and test them out in store first and don't 'risk it' and buy online. I only say this because the plum shade 340 was quite disappointing compared to the others and at £10.00 each it is quite a lot of money to spend on a product you may be disappointed with. The packaging is attractive, well made and nice and chunky to hold on to. They also have a subtle rose scent which is again, another plus point. They are rich in moisture and ever since I have began using them my lips honestly feel so much softer. 

Minus the pigmentation of 340 this collection is fantastic. Sometimes you can find a great lipstick but the collection only has a few shades (sigh) but there are 29 to choose from in this collection which, for a retail brand, is quite a lot of shades (woohoo)! I will certainly be purchasing another shade in the near future, a more of a neutral shade, that I can wear everyday, as the feeling of this on my lips is heavenly. This collection could certainly rival high end brands for sure.

Overall rating 9/10

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  1. I love the 340 colour, it's my kinda lippie! I think it looks awesome on you :) :*

    Kate |

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure on it at first but I think it's grown on me!