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Sunday, 7 September 2014

New Video - Being Confident with No Makeup

If you didn't know already I also have a Youtube channel which I started around 6 months ago, I make videos on my views on things and also videos on body confidence!

In my video this week I am wearing no makeup at all and am talking about how you can become more confident wearing less make up! I mean let's face it, who wants to spend hours plastering on makeup just to go to a supermarket gahhhh!

More girls need to become more confident and accept themselves, it seems too many are focusing on the things they don't like rather than what they do like and making the most of it...

Anyways, enough on this, check the video out if you want to hear what I've got to say!

Just click the 'YOUTUBE' link under "Where to find me' and it will take you straight to my channel!

Remember to keep it real and stayyyy classssy!

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