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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Golden Glow with just Two Products!

I generally go out without any make up on if I am feeling extra lazy (which is quite often) but if I am looking extremely tired or resembling a panda I go to my two product make up routine to give my face a boost!

These products are my must haves and they turn me from a ghostly looking zombie into a natural, glowing and healthy looking human being!

Left: Before any make up Right: After using my two fav products!

So, you're probably thinking by now these products are going to be high end but, I have a nice little surprise for you... They are drugstore!

Product 1:

L'Oreal Touche Magique Concealer in the shade Rose Porcelain

This concealer retails for £8.15 from Boots and I think it is an absolute steal. It lasts for ages and you only need a small amount to get a good coverage.

Dark circles under my eyes are one of my biggest problems and it just lightens my under eye area so well! I rarely break out in any spots (lucky me) but when I have had the odd one or two it certainly did a great job at covering them!

Product Two:

L'Oreal True Match Blush in shade Sandalwood Rose

This blush retails for £7.69 at Boots which again I feel is a great price considering it lasts a long time and also comes with the softest brush which I always use! Fantastic colour for my skin tone and it is a shimmer blush so it reflects light and gives a beautiful glow especially in the sun!

It also comes with a mirror inside which is handy if you are out and about!

I absolutely love L'Oreal products and have a few others but these two stand out to me and are great value, it takes literally two minutes to apply and my face is transformed! I have worn this look all the way through summer as it isn't heavy or cakey but gives you enough glow and coverage.

I will certainly continue to wear this throughout winter on days I look awful, feel awful and have no energy to put on a full face of make up!

Thank you L'Oreal!

Remember to keep it real and stayyyy classsy

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