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Monday, 1 September 2014

Who is TheLuckyDiamond?


So, this is me, Jen... I have a Youtube channel that I didn't know where to go with at first but now I have (finally) decided and am up and running with that I thought it was time to expand my field and begin a blog. I go by the name The Lucky Diamond because a diamond symbol is lucky to me (surprise surprise) but more on that later...

My Youtube channel is based around advice and body confidence, with a few fashion and make up tutorials thrown in too!

I am a size 14 and am a strong believer in every person is gorgeous.

I embarrass myself at times, but if it spreads my message across then it's all good! I do try to keep it classy as much as I can (remember to keep it real and stayyy classsy)... If you don't understand that then you should check out my videos!

As for this blog I want to base it more around make up and fashion although if I feel I need to write about a matter, issue or give advice then that is what I shall do!

Here's to another new journey and the start of something maybe? Who knows...

Remember to keep it real and stayyyy classssy

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